Because I know you and your friends have different questions and needs that are important to you at this moment, I want to invite you to have a look at our menu of all the different journeys that we’ve put together for you to try and meet those needs and help you discover answers to all of those questions.

We know it will, because what you have in front of you, are the result of many years of listening to all the questions and needs of millions of others from all over the world that joined us and others on these same journeys of discovery.

You are free to take any of these ROUTES of discovery that we’ve made available especially for you, but if we can make a suggestion, we want to dare you to take these journeys one after the other, as we suggested down below, because, we believe, there is also a lot of benefits doing that.

But, as we said, that is your choice!

But first, have a look at the Study Guides, because there you will find how and what to do when you meet to study the Bible with your group of friends.

Doing it this way will help you as a group to really get to know one another, but, on the other hand, create a save place between you where you can start opening up to one another, but especially can experience something remarkable, namely, hearing the God of the Bible speaking to you!

Yes, that is what is going to happen! I can guarantee you, because I know from experiencing it myself time and time again, that is what happened when you start reading and listening to the Word of God.

The different routes are the following:



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